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Warm Weather Preparedness

Are you ready for the 100+ Degree weather coming up? More importantly, is your feed storage ready?

With warmer weather just around the corner here are a few tips from our friends at Nutrena Feeds to help you prepare and manage your feed inventory and quality.

Facility Maintenance: Clean out bulk feed bins – winter moisture can cause clumping which could lead to feed debris sticking inside. Those clumps could potentially mold and contaminate the new feed

being loaded into them. Trim back trees or vegetation around your feed bins and along delivery driveways.

Evaluate your pest control program: make sure you get ahead of insect and rodent issues. Storage & Inventory Management Suggestions: Keep feed storage areas clean and orderly. Have good lighting, ventilation, and air movement – fans may need to be utilized in the hot, summer months.

Rotate feed routinely: first in, first out both in your warehouse and on the sales floor. Develop a marking system to easily identify dates on full pallets stored in your warehouse – this will ensure proper rotation. Do not store feeds next to or below non-consumables (chemicals, paints, lubricants, pesticides, etc.).

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