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We've got your animals covered too, with a fantastic selection of Eastern Washington Hay, Straw, Grain, Animal Bedding and Pet Food (with very reasonable delivery rates).


Hay Snohomish, Hay Woodinville, Hay Mill Creek, Hay Bothell, Hay Redmond, Hay Everett, Hay Lake Stevens, Hay Maltby, Hay Lynnwood, Hay Cathcart, Hay Clearview, Hay Silverlake, Hay Bellevue, Hay Seattle, Hay Marysville, Hay Shoreline, Hay Edmonds, Hay Monroe, Hay Kirkland

We always carry quality, Eastern Washington hay. Alfalfa, Grass, Timothy, Alfalfa/Grass Mix, and Straw are available. Local delivery starts at $45 per load, with no additional mileage fees, ever. Call for more info!

Snohomish Grain Delivery, Woodinville Grain Delivery, Mill Creek Grain Delivery, Bothell Grain Delivery, Redmond Grain Delivery, Everett Grain Delivery, Lake Stevens Grain Delivery, Maltby Grain Delivery, Lynnwood Grain Delivery, Cathcart Grain Delivery, Clearview Grain Delivery, Silverlake Grain Delivery

From traditional mills like Nutrena and Purina to newer organic feeds like Scratch & Peck, we have what you need to feed your livestock, chickens, or household animals.

Animal Bedding Snohomish, Animal Bedding Woodinville, Animal Bedding Mill Creek, Animal Bedding Bothell, Animal Bedding Everett, Animal Bedding Lake Stevens, Animal Bedding Maltby, Animal Bedding Lynnwood, Animal Bedding Cathcart, Animal Bedding Clearview, Animal Bedding Silverlake

We also carry various animal bedding products, including Eagle Valley Bedding Pellets, Nature's Bedding Pellets, GEM Shavings (Fir, Cedar, Pine) and Straw.

Nutrena Snohomish, Nutrena Woodinville, Nutrena Mill Creek, Nutrena Bothell, Nutrena Everett, Nutrena Lake Stevens, Nutrena Maltby, Nutrena Lynnwood, Nutrena Cathcart, Nutrena Clearview, Nutrena Silverlake
Triple Crown Snohomish, Triple Crown Woodinville, Triple Crown Mill Creek, Triple Crown Bothell, Triple Crown Everett, Triple Crown Lake Stevens, Triple Crown Maltby, Triple Crown Lynnwood, Triple Crown Cathcart, Triple Crown Clearview, Triple Crown Silverlake
Purina Snohomish, Purina Woodinville, Purina Mill Creek, Purina Bothell, Purina Everett, Purina Lake Stevens, Purina Maltby, Purina Lynnwood, Purina Cathcart, Purina Clearview, Purina Silverlake
Standlee Snohomish, Standlee Woodinville, Standlee Mill Creek, Standlee Bothell, Standlee Everett, Standlee Lake Stevens, Standlee Maltby, Standlee Lynnwood, Standlee Cathcart, Standlee Clearview, Standlee Silverlake
Haystack Snohomish, Haystack Woodinville, Haystack Mill Creek, Haystack Bothell, Haystack Everett, Haystack Lake Stevens, Haystack Maltby, Haystack Lynnwood, Haystack Cathcart, Haystack Clearview, Haystack Silverlake
Scratch And Peck Snohomish, Scratch And Peck Woodinville, Scratch And Peck Mill Creek, Scratch And Peck Bothell, Scratch And Peck Everett, Scratch And Peck Lake Stevens, Scratch And Peck Maltby, Scratch And Peck Lynnwood, Scratch And Peck Cathcart, Scratch And Peck Clearview, Scratch And Peck Silverlake

We've got grains! Nutrena, Triple Crown, Purina, Standlee, Haystack Special Blend, and Scratch & Peck are just some of the brands we carry. For more information and Special Orders, please call us at 360-668-6363.

Alfalfa Delivery Snohomish, Alfalfa Delivery Woodinville, Alfalfa Delivery Mill Creek, Alfalfa Delivery Everett, Alfalfa Delivery Lake Stevens, Alfalfa Delivery Lynnwood, Alfalfa Delivery Cathcart, Alfalfa Delivery Clearview, Alfalfa Delivery Redmond, Alfalfa Delivery Bellevue, Alfalfa Delivery Seattle, Alfalfa Delivery Marysville, Alfalfa Delivery Shoreline, Alfalfa Delivery Edmonds, Alfalfa Delivery Monroe
Straw Delivery Snohomish County, Straw Delivery North King County, Straw Delivery Snohomish, Straw Delivery Woodinville, Straw Delivery Mill Creek, Straw Delivery Bothell, Straw Delivery Monroe, Straw Delivery Everett, Straw Delivery Lake Stevens, Straw Delivery Maltby, Straw Delivery Lynnwood, Straw Delivery Cathcart, Straw Delivery Clearview, Straw Delivery Silverlake.
Straw Snohomish, Straw Woodinville, Straw Mill Creek, Straw Bothell, Straw Redmond, Straw Everett, Straw Lake Stevens, Straw Maltby, Straw Lynnwood, Straw Cathcart, Straw Clearview, Straw Silverlake, Straw Bellevue, Straw Seattle, Straw Marysville, Straw Shoreline, Straw Edmonds, Straw Monroe, Straw Kirkland

We have all kinds of high quality Eastern Washington Hay. Alfalfa, Grass, Timothy and Straw are always in stock. And don't forget, we deliver! We deliver Hay and Straw throughout Snohomish County and North King County.

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