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We Offer UPS Shipping 7 Days A Week!

Did you know we offer UPS Shipping at Clearview True Value Hardware And Feed? It's true!

We can take drop off packages with a full UPS label for free, and we can ship unlabeled packages for a fee. Why go and wait in line somewhere when you can come here?

Here at Clearview Hardware we can take packages 7 days a week, any time during opening hours. UPS picks up Mon-Fri around 3pm. UPS does Saturday pickup around noon. The deadline for UPS Next Day Air Packages is 1pm Mon-Fri.

People often wonder if they can drop off Amazon Returns at Clearview True Value Hardware And Feed. Yes you can! Just make sure it has a full UPS label attached (see below):

Unfortunately we cannot take QR code returns at this time (see below):

To make sure you get a full UPS label for an Amazon return, when you are selecting your return option, make sure to select "UPS Drop-Off Points". That way Amazon will send you a full UPS label that we can scan.

Any further questions, please call us!

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